Orchard scales digital experimentation with Optimizely partnership


The digital experience platform Optimizely announces its partnership with Orchard to help marketers and organisations scale experimentation through the perfect mix of strategy.

At a time where competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the partnership of Optimizely and Orchard aims to encourage experimentation as it can be the difference between good and great revenue and building meaningful long-term relationships with customers. 

The digital experimentation provides organisations and marketers the ability to A/B test across and entire customer journey to meet overall business goals and objectives. 

Insights on what drives customer engagement is achieved through several testing opportunities of digital products, allowing organisations to deliver world class customer experiences. Most importantly, digital experimentation allows businesses to make data-driven decisions to meet overall business goals.

Paul North,  Optimizely’s senior vice president APJ (Asia Pacific and Japan), said: “We’re proud to continue partnering with Orchard to help brands unlock the power of experimentation.”

“Optimizely was built from a core focus of experimentation and optimisation, and our partnership with Orchard only strengthens how we can support marketers and brands on this journey.

“By leveraging Optimizely’s world-class tools and Orchard’s experience, we’re making it easier than ever for organisations to leverage the true value of experimentation, through data-driven decision-making with an emphasis on value creation.”

Michael Di Natale, managing partner at Orchard, said: “We see tremendous synergy in this partnership to really show marketers and businesses the true potential of experimentation.”

“We know that building a culture of experimentation is key to winning today in customer experience, but how do marketers and organisations scale this in an efficient way? That’s where we come in, to ensure that ‘testing’ leads to learning and most importantly value creation."

Read the full article here: https://www.mediaweek.com.au/optimizely-partners-with-orchard-to-scale-experimentation/