Helping prepare mums and dads for the amazing journey ahead

Our very first global project and one we watched grow up around the world.

When we got the opportunity to work with headquarters in Europe to create a destination site for Elevit we jumped at the chance to give birth to something beautiful, that would grow over time (no pun intended).

Our task was to create a place where those planning, those expecting and new mums could go to get support, advice and guidance on their journey.

The site included the creation of several interactive tools from a simple Ovulation calendar right through to a pregnancy tracking tool that allowed expecting mums to track their body and their baby’s development week by week from the moment of conception through to the due date. Marketing automation ensured those registered got the relevant content at the right time ensuring Elevit became a trusted partner on the journey.

The content rich global CMS site was created with the intention of being rolled out and tailored by each country over an 18-month period. We didn’t quite get global rollout as planned but we did get adoption in Croatia, China, Germany, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Korea, Latvia, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Ukraine.