Developing a font that helps you to remember

Combining innovation and technology to raise RMIT’s profile nation-wide.

Problem: as student’s study for their final year of high school exams and begin applying for universities, they’re focused on memory. Specifically, remembering the answers to VEC questions during the stressful exam period.

Solution: leveraging this insight, in partnership with our sister agency Naked Communications, we developed a breakthrough-font that helps everyone remember, Sans Forgetica. The font was developed using the principles of cognitive psychology to help students and the population at large better remember what they study.

The font is more difficult to read than most typefaces – and that’s by design. The 'desirable difficulty' you experience when reading information formatted in Sans Forgetica prompts your brain to engage in deeper processing.

Results: built as a website and a Google Chrome extension, the initiative saw huge success, including local and international media coverage in publications including The Sydney Morning Herald, ABC, The Guardian, BBC, AFR, NBC and more.