Zero Click Search

What is the role of a website if a user can gather all of their information requirements from the google search page? For many small-medium businesses, google has become the new homepage

  • 34.4% of all desktop searches result in no click
  • 62.5% of users never click search result links on mobile
  • Click through rates on organic have decreased by 13%

This doesn’t mean that small-medium businesses are failing in meeting the needs of their customers, rather it means that their customers are finding it in new places, and it isn’t always on the website. Meaning small-medium businesses need to optimise for Zero Click Search.

What is zero click search?

Understanding and answering user intent within the search results.

What is an example of Zero Click Search?

I’m researching recipes for how to make an apple pie. Google serves me up a number of recipe websites but preferences the below recipe, the steps and an image. I’ve successfully found my recipe without needing to click through. 

apple pie recipeapple pie recipe

Drivers of Zero Click Searches

There are two key drivers of Zero Click Searches; Google SERP features like rich snippets and Google My Business (GMB). And with 40% of all searches relating to local listings, it should be an expectation not a ‘nice-to-have’ that if you’re a small-medium business you’ll have a Google My Business account.

4 SERP features that can satisfy user intent without requiring a click:

1. The knowledge panel

Knowledge panels are a great asset for any business or brand and can be optimised with additional features. Key areas for brands to manage here are making sure images are opitmised, reviews are monitored and if any bookings can be facilitated here, they are surfaced.

The LanghamThe Langham

2. Local Packs

An example of local packs is the ‘Maps Pack’ which appears in 30% of all first page SERPs making it the most frequently displayed SERP feature (along with the Featured Snippet). There are two ways to optimise for the ‘Local Pack’; register a GMB account and optimise for local search.


3. Related Questions

Related questions usually appears when a user is searching for broad terms e.g. ‘fire place’. Users typically get their question answered here.


4. News Box

The last one is the news box which many local brands won’t need to optimise for.


What this means for us?

Zero Click Search is changing the way we view Click Through Rates (CTRs). Just because a user doesn’t click through to the site doesn’t mean we haven’t answered their query. But it does require us to optimise our content to meet user intent not just keywords - answering questions like ‘near me’, ‘where is’, ‘opening and closing times’ etc. Enriching our SERPs and offering a good user experience will still gain us organic exposure to our audience.