About us

Disruption is a hot topic in business, moving beyond being a trend or buzzword to rapidly become the new normal.

Disruption is nothing new however, incumbents have always been displaced by more innovative competitors offering better solutions. However this time it’s different. The digital disruption of the last decade has occurred at a speed and scale never seen before. So the question is Disrupt or be Disrupted.

XD is the new battleground and many brands can no longer afford to ignore the commercial benefits that come with elevating the customer, employee or stakeholder experience. At Orchard, we have developed a unique Moments of Memory © approach, using effective marketing and behavioural science to make your experiences and products memorable.

Customer Journey Mapping 
Channel planning
User Experience Design (UX)
Customer Experience Design (CX)
Service Design
Business process design
CRM/Marketing Automation
Digital transformation
HCD training

Usability testing
Mystery shopping
Ethnographic research
Quantitative research
VoC programs
User story development
User flow development
UX audit

We love brands and think that a strong brand is one of the greatest competitive advantages you can have over the competition. Whether it’s developing a brand from its infancy or connecting a well-established one with its target market -  we love them, we build them and we connect them through communications with people. It’s that simple!

Brand planning
Comms planning
Creative Concepting & Ideation
Social strategy
Content strategy
Community creation and guidelines

Community Management & Moderation
Content Production
Consumer & Medical Copywriting
Campaign Development
Branded Content
Video Production

We help clients get the most out of their marketing technology to create experiences that build brand value and trust with customers. Whether it’s building an ecommerce website from the ground up or integrating a Marketing Automation Platform into an existing solution – Orchard loves technology of all kinds. It’s in our DNA!

Technical Prototyping
User Interface Design (UI)
Application Architecture
Website & Application Design
Solution Development
Website & Application Development
Voice Enablement Tech
AI/Emerging Tech
Service & Platform Development
Systems Integration
Digital Experience & Commerce Platforms

Enterprise Services
Mobile Apps
Content Management Systems
Marketing Automation Platforms
Quality Assurance & Testing
Application Support & Maintenance
Cloud Infrastructure Development
Cloud & Dev Ops
Continuous Integration & Delivery

Our approach is simple. Make the impact, measure the results, optimise the outcomes, deliver the return. We exist to help you succeed.

Target & KPI Alignment
Data systems mapping
Data Management
Data-Driven Personalisation
DXO : Digital experience optimisation program
A/B & Multivariate Testing
Audience Intelligence & Insights
On-Page SEO & Content Development
Paid & Organic Social Media

Analytics Benchmarking
Data Visualisation & Dashboards
Tracking and tagging
Forecasting & Attribution
Data Analysis & Reporting
ROI uplift reporting
Performance Tracking & Measurement
Marketing Science & Machine Learning
Dynamic Creative Development

Leadership Team