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Key results


increase in all types of leads acquired on-site


increase in calculations of car prices completed


more cost effective at driving on-site conversions

The challenge

Hyundai was facing record low consumer confidence, with Australians purchasing fewer cars than ever before and only 2.1 cars making their shortlist before purchase. Another year of decline in sales was inevitable, but Hyundai was focused on holding its number three position. They knew this couldn’t be maintained with communications alone. When your brand’s mission is to deliver a progressive automotive experience, you need digital transformation to match.  

The goal

Hyundai set to achieve three clear but ambitious objectives:  

1. Inform customers and reduce customer friction
2. Increase customer acquisition
3. Reimagine how customers discover Hyundai vehicles

Previously, Hyundai had been constrained by its own systems and technology.  

The solution

With the goal of enhancing the single customer view, improving customer acquisition, and promoting the brand, we launched, enhanced by Adobe Experience Manager.  
Content was designed to be recursive and ensured customers could learn about product, price, brand, and our auto-network with each visit. This improved the broader infrastructure that supports the customer experience. 

Desktop view of Hyundai website featuring the Palisade model
Hand holding smartphone displaying Hyundai Palisade app interface
Mobile advertisement for the all-new Hyundai KONA

The tech

We built a digital experience that was driven by both user needs and hard data. To validate this approach, we drafted 60 hypotheses and conducted user testing. This allowed us to identify the most crucial digital corridors and define our business objective, ‘Help Customers convert with the brand, by making the digital experience as progressive as the cars themselves.’

Flexible Content Management
Underpinned by the power of Adobe Experience Manager, the website’s content could be transformed quickly by non-technical users to rapidly respond to market needs and to test hypotheses. 
Single Customer View
Every touchpoint in the Hyundai ecosystem is integrated into Salesforce, helping Hyundai create a single view of both prospective and existing customers.
Real-Time Product Data
A new Product Information Management system allows a single source of truth for product data inside the business and drives any product content on the website. This ensures that users always see the correct product data and any mistakes can quickly be rectified at the source of truth and then propagated to the rest of the business at the push of a button.
Retail Pricing and Offers
A new pricing system allows Hyundai to manage all offers for their network from a single point. Retail offers can be promoted to potential consumers in real-time across all of Hyundai’s tools and third-party ecosystems reducing the room for error.
Always on e-Commerce
We created a bespoke e-commerce solution tightly integrated into Hyundai’s Salesforce backed Dealer Management System. This gives customers a tailored experience unique to the Hyundai product range and automates vehicle order processing for the Hyundai back-office team. 
Web page section showing Hyundai's next-generation technology features
Web page design for Hyundai KONA with design and safety features
Mobile screen showing Hyundai KONA information with pricing
All-electric Hyundai IONIQ 6 in a showroom with an orange background
Hyundai IONIQ 6 presented on a website highlighting aerodynamic design


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