Tourism Tasmania

A new digital experience platform to inspire travel.

A connected experience with visitors on their journeys and beyond. 

Problem: Tourism Tasmania’s previous digital experiences highlighted several challenges across how users could explore content, the lack of intuitive discovery, disjointed channel experience, minimal reasons to re-engage and a static experience. Our task was to help Tourism Tasmania undertake a digital transformation project with the intent to enhance its capability.

Our goal: to guide every visitor through their journey into the anti-ordinary. We didn’t want consumers to go to Tasmania for more of the same, we want them to experience a place where uncommon is common. We need to take users off the beaten track, only known by the locals or just never considered. 

Solution: we created an experience that can help shape a journey that can be suited to any preference. We aimed to provide an experience that not only introduces the world of anti-ordinary but guides them through it. Our online experience represents and showcases Tasmanian culture and storytelling built on the Optimizely digital experience platform. Our solution is capable to deliver, personalised and data-driven digital experiences that connects the digital channels and touchpoints.​ The Customer Data Platform (CDP) combined with the Optimizely DXP allows us to provide every user with a more seamless connected experience.

Experience the online experience: