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Key results


increased conversions on bookings


increase on average daily sessions

The challenge

With over 90 retail outlets across Australia, Clear Skincare has a prominent presence in the skincare market. However, their online customer experience fell short due to fragmented management across multiple sites and platforms. Double handling and a lack of a central source of truth led to missed sales opportunities, as disconnected sites failed to communicate or learn from each other. Customers were confused by different CTAs like 'buy now' and 'book later,' exacerbating the poor experience within the booking engine.

The goal

We had three simple goals we wanted to achieve:

1. Make finding the right skincare solution refreshingly simple
2. Personalise the experience based on customer goals
3. Don’t just talk about results, show them

The solution

Through an extensive discovery phase, we gained invaluable insights into Clear Skincare's customer behaviours, shopping patterns and preferences when discovering, finding, and booking treatments. Our approach involved streamlining the skincare journey by establishing clear goals, offering diverse and continuous purchase avenues through perpetual offers. Introducing 'Before and After' visuals tied to specific skin objectives together with timelines enhanced customer understanding and engagement. To improve accessibility, we segmented treatments into easily discoverable and purchasable chunks.

From a technical standpoint, our solution involved consolidating five disparate instances into a singular, cohesive platform. This evolution from fragmented systems into a unified interface marked a pivotal shift in facilitating a seamless and integrated user experience for Clear Skincare's online presence.

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The tech

Our technical strategy revolved around integrating Shopify with the booking engine, consolidating five separate instances into a unified platform for Clear Skincare. Beyond this, we are laying out a roadmap to expand their omnichannel approach, creating an interconnected ecosystem for a seamless customer experience and a unified business intelligence framework.

This will allow for shared customer data across the e-commerce site, booking systems, CRM, and media, forming the basis for omnichannel reporting. By combining these sites, we not only improved efficiency but also drastically improved the customer journey.

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