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Launching in rare: It requires care like no other

After 6 years of launches in rare diseases, Orchard’s Group Business Director, Tamsin Ridgwell, presents her musings on the topic… Rare diseases affect less than 5 in 10,000 people, which means there 2 million Australians living with a rare disease. I appreciate that means most of us won’t know anyone …
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Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3: Turning the buzzword of testing into reality

No, this isn’t a microphone check. Nor is it a nasal swab. We’re looking at the ways you can test in your marketing material and the benefits of an ‘always testing’ mindset. The most difficult part of testing however is often identifying what you are going to test and why. …
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Generating quality over quantity: 3 key considerations for lead generation strategy

Leads are the lifeblood of any business, representing potential new customers who are interested in learning more about your product or servicing suite. The revenue opportunities that new leads offer to a business can propel significant business growth, regardless of which sector they originate from. For something so crucial to …
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Improving the Specialist HCP experience: CX in RX research and insights

A study conducted among 600 immunologists (McKinsey 2018) indicates that when prescribers are fully satisfied (with their journey for a particular drug and with the pharma company’s contribution to it), they are more than twice as likely to prescribe a product compared to dissatisfied prescribers. By paying more attention to …
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Social listening: Giving you customer insights and a competitive edge

There is a common misconception regarding Social Listening. Often businesses invest in social listening with a preventative mindset — screening for negative commentary from their customers. In this case, a listening strategy is used to respond to crisis, analysing and recording all potential negative mentions across social media that may …
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A hard pill to swallow? Thinking simple when it comes to medication adherence

When it comes to medication adherence, a spoonful of simple makes the medicine go down. Group Business Director James Langridge looks at why simple ideas are oftentimes ten times better than complex ones, in improving medical adherence. We all know that the quality use of medicines depends on a patient’s adherence …
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Inventing a better tomorrow for patients through IoT

Over the next decade, we can expect to see major disruption within the healthcare sector thanks to IoT (the internet of things). IoT provides opportunities to redefine and innovate healthcare to improve the quality and efficiency of treatment, enable preventative and faster diagnosis and rethink patient care options. Orchard’s Experience …
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Why being liked no longer matters: A dive into the death of the Facebook page ‘like’

Social media, much like digital marketing generally, is constantly changing. The focus points of a social media strategy or program have shifted countless times already and will continue to shift in the future, as the platforms grow and improve. From the early days where Facebook page likes were the be-all …
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Reaching niche audiences with SEM

Julian Bright of Orchard’s Strategy team explains how Search Engine Marketing can be used to advertise to niche audience groups. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to the paid listings that appear on search engine results pages. The ad copy is targeted depending on the search term. In Australia, the majority of …
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